our fake conversation

I will miss our conversations, our fake conversations.
a long years ago you came to my life and told me that you wanna stay for a while, you wanna stay to learn about me, I can’t rejecting your faking smile.

and then how you bring your life to me, bring me a colourfull life and colouring my life. I was remember when you tell me that you was happy in your smile. we enjoy our days together with a laughing, we enjoy our time with a wonderfull thing. I’m falling in love with you.

You left, you leaving me alone in a confusing and riddiculus about life. I can’t accept this, I can’t believe this. You just came and go like you wanna do, You just came and suddently just apear.

Just like a rainbow after the rain, your colour and your taste is fading by the time, slowly and surely.

You tell me that was my fault. I can’t holding you for a while, I can’t covering you from our love that blinding and fooling us. so You left because I’m falling in love with you and I’m too late to telling that to you.

Just like fairytale before sleep, my life has changed in a view minutes.

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